Democracy in School

Framingham Earl High was proud to be among the first 16 schools nationwide to be accredited with the Discovering Democracy Award and to be invited to Admiralty House to speak to members of parliament, civil servants and ministers about our work. The Award recognized the very many ways in which our school both teaches and engages in democratic processes. This includes the way our Student Council and other student leaders make a real difference to the School; how our Debate Club offers students opportunities to discuss current issues in depth; our use of Form Time to look at political ideas, supported by the ‘Votes in Schools’ programme and the way we take any opportunity to elicit student voice, whether it be about issues in school or in the world outside.

All students take a full GCSE Citizenship course, which starts in Year 9. This course lets students learn about things that will be important to them far beyond their GCSEs. Students study the world around them – and how they can influence it in a positive way. In doing so we explore four Themes: ‘Living in the UK’, ‘Democracy in the UK’, ‘How the Law Works’ and ‘Power and Influence’. Students then get the chance to put into practice some of the things they have learnt, and make a positive impact, by working in small groups on a ‘Citizenship Action Project’.

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