For two years between 2016-2018, with the support of the British council, Framingham Earl students were engaged in a formal Erasmus+ project working with partner schools in Spain and France. Students succeeded in a rigorous application process and committed to developing, through international collaboration, an energy-efficient model based on three renewable energy sources.


Students took part in University visits in the three countries to develop their aspirations and trips to visit hydroelectricity, solar and wind energy producers to support their understanding of this sector.


A further aim of the British Council was to encourage the young people to develop their own thoughts on renewable energy, as well as sharing cultural and linguistic opportunities through exchange visits.


A final dimension was to disseminate back at school the findings of the project. As part of the project students conducted research, questionnaires, presentations, designed logos, built teams, created a model, learnt languages, travelled and hosted, problem-solved and made lasting friendships.

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