Guidance Team

Our Guidance Team is led by Mr Edwards. He has overall responsibility for the pastoral care of every child in the school, as well as keeping an oversight of behaviour and of academic progress. He manages our House and reward systems as well as the ‘on report’ processes which might result from disappointing work or conduct. He heads up the other support services offered by the School and links with relevant outside agencies. Working closely with learners and their families we will support all students to achieve well and benefit from the full range of educational opportunities Fram has to offer.

Mr Edwards is supported by a team of Directors of Learning and their deputies. These are:

  • Year 7 – Joint Directors of Learning, Mrs Millar and Mrs Taylor, with their Deputy, Miss Chapman.
  • Years 8 and 9 – Director of Learning, Mr Keogh, with Mrs Kirkpatrick
  • Years 10 and 11 – Director of Learning Mr Player, with Mrs Oliver and Mrs Horne as Deputies.

Directors of Learning deal with the everyday thrills and spills in the lives of their students and are very important figureheads for each Year Group. They lead assemblies on a fortnightly basis, ensuring that all students have a consistent understanding of our expectations and of the values of the School. They celebrate success and challenge underachievement.

Each student is part of a Form Group, led by their Tutor. Tutors play a vital role in the lives of students and are often the first point of contact for a variety of issues. At Fram we believe that strong and proactive tutorship can have a major positive impact on the lives of our students and successful school management. The Tutor knows their students very well. They spend part of every day with them, ensuring they are ready to learn; happy and fulfilled. They are often the first person a child will go to if they have a worry or something exciting to share.

The daily Form period is filled with a range of activities, including a weekly quiz and a discussion around current issues, supported by resources from ‘Votes for Schools’. This period is also used for the development of literacy (KS3) and private study (KS4). Form Tutors keep Engagement Logs up to date, meaning that they know about the many activities children are involved in and can encourage greater participation. Form Tutors are key to ensuring there is easy communication between the home and school. Where possible, a child will retain the same Tutor throughout their time at school.

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