The Student Association of Framingham Earl is our School Council. SAFE is a democratically elected body of students across all Year groups. Every Form group has two elected members. The Council meets once a month and discusses a wide range of issues which impact on students and the School. The Chair and Vice-Chair of SAFE meet with the School’s Leadership Team after every meeting and periodically with the full Governing Body.

SAFE is both the School Council and the voice of students. It is an engaging and vibrant group of students who talk confidently about issues, advise on curriculum and social time in school and raise considerable amounts for local, national and international charities they choose each year.

SAFE members bring items to the agenda from their Form groups and report back to their Form groups on issues discussed. Student voice is very important in this school. It involves providing students with the opportunity to have a greater say in the way the School is run and organised. Members of SAFE and the wider student population are involved in focus groups, interviews and staff appointments throughout the year. A number of our students work with Youth Parliament, District Council and local Parish Council organisations, including the 6 Youth Council.

SAFE have achieved a number of successes as an important body in the school, influencing decisions such as:

  • Student access to WiFi at break and lunch across the School site
  • Appointment of staff
  • Canteen provision and planning.


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