Taboo are a volunteer team of Year 10 students who work in a preventative and supportive capacity around issues of bullying. They have been specially trained to help other students who are finding life worrying in any way. Taboo can help and talk with students about organising homework, friendship problems, bullying, feeling lonely or scared.

The team are identifiable by their distinctive purple hoodies. Two members of Taboo are on duty every lunchtime; they are based in the library, and sometimes spread out to patrol in the school grounds. If they see anyone in trouble they will help out at any time during the school day.

Taboo also have a small room in the Library where they run a drop-in service; here, students can talk through concerns in a more comfortable and quiet setting. They meet weekly with Teachers to discuss their concerns, plan and deliver assemblies, and improve and develop the support they can offer. In 2017 Taboo successfully bid for funding to decorate their base to be a more welcoming environment.

The efforts of the Taboo team, coupled with our other anti-bullying initiatives, had led to the School receiving the Diana Award on three occasions. To read our Anti-Bullying Policy, please click here.

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