To support Character Education, and in line with the Student Leadership opportunities on offer at Framingham Earl, we support students to undertake volunteering in School and in the wider community. We believe it develops confidence and provides a sense of achievement, whilst enabling our young people to have the chance to see how they can make a difference.

From Year 8 we provide the opportunity for students to volunteer as Young Office Leaders, and older students are able to extend this commitment by working in a business support capacity before school, at break and lunchtimes.

All subject areas nominate Subject leaders who volunteer their time to support the School. Other such groups of young people include the Framingham Events Management Association (FEMA) and the Student Association of  Framingham Earl (SAFE) who all work to improve our community. SAFE ensure an annual local, national and global support of charities which ensures students support one another in developing their outlook as global citizens.

A number of students across the Year groups volunteer to support clubs, both in school and out. Indeed, a number of clubs are entirely student-led with the support of a nominated adult for safeguarding purposes. Our close relationship with local charities has enabled students to support a Rotary Christmas Tree festival in Norwich.

Many students in Year 10 have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and will undertake volunteering as part of their Award.

All such volunteering activities are recorded in individual Engagement Logs. These Logs ensure we capture successes and build opportunities for our young people.

Students are able to formally log their volunteering time commitment on the vInspired website in order to gain certification for their volunteering and annually we award a number of certificates for exceptional commitment. Such records not only recognise the students’ achievement, but also make an impressive contribution to personal statements for applications for Post-16 education.

For more information, please visit vInspired’s website.

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