Our Local Governing Body

The Board of Trustees of Sapientia Education Trust (SET) is ultimately accountable to the Department for Education for the effective and efficient performance for all the schools within the Trust. To contribute to this, it has appointed a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each school. This body reports to the SET board via its committees and operates under agreed Terms of Reference  and a Scheme of Delegation.  Membership of the LGB at Framingham Earl comprises the headteacher, two parents, up to two members of staff and co-opted members from the local community. The LGB recommends potential members of the LGB to the board of trustees. Details of current members can be found here.

At Framingham Earl the key remit of the LGB is to promote high standards and aim to ensure that students are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being. In order to do this, we contribute to its strategic framework, determining the character, aims, ethos and values of the school; we provide support and challenge to the Headteacher and other school leaders; we monitor the outcomes of the School Improvement Plan; we gather stakeholder voice to measure the impact of actions taken by the School; we monitor the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements and we consider the impact of specific delegated funds. In all of our activities we have regard for our key objectives, which are regularly reviewed. Governors do not involve themselves in the day to day running of the School.

The LGB meets formally 4 times over the academic year and hold 3 informal meetings. Full delegated responsibilities are contained in the Scheme of Delegation. Minutes of the LGB are shown here.

The LGB has the following committees:

Compliance and Audit Committee
We scrutinise and review School level policies. We check action has been taken against the Trust’s Health and Safety reports and we monitor the School's website.

Student Disciplinary and Exclusions Committee
The student Disciplinary and Exclusions Committee meets as and when required and monitors the school’s behaviour and discipline policy. In accordance with statutory requirements it considers the actions of the Headteacher to exclude students from the school, consider representations from parents/carers, and, if appropriate, determine whether the student should be reinstated.

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